Toyo Tires LT285/65R18, Open Country A/T II

The Open Country A/T II is an all – terrain off road tire that is made by Toyo.  This light truck tire is for those drivers who are in search of a tire that combines excellent on road handling with off road capabilities that have been enhanced along with the versatility to be used in all seasons – including when there is snow on the ground.  These tires have been given the mountain/snowflake symbol which means that they meet the industry standards for use in severe snow.  You can often find this tire as original equipment on SUVs, pickup trucks as well as on light and medium duty 4 wheel drive trucks.

This tire has the ideal combination of brawn and beauty.  It is an all – terrain tire that is aggressive with a big shoulder, tough appearance as well as a grip off road that can only be described as tenacious.  This has been coupled with road manners that are mild and a ride that is quiet.  This tire does come with a 50,000 mile warranty.

With this tire on your truck, pavement is optional.  The have a tread life that is 40% longer than their top competitors.  They feature a tread design that is blatantly aggressive as well as a quiet and smooth ride.  The depth of the read on these tires is deeper and more aggressive.  The shoulder design is also quite aggressive.

Features at a Glance

  • Although Toyo does make tires in plants that are located all over the world, this tire has been made with pride right here in the USA
  • The Open Country A/T II tire comes to you complete with a warranty on the tread wear that is good for a full 50,000 miles
  • The shoulder tread blocks on this tire are aggressive so that they give you a grip on the trails that is strong as well as adding to the tough, solid appearance of your rig
  • There is a tie bar located between the tread elements. This allows for the wear characteristics to be controlled as well as working to keep road noise down
  • The siping in the tread is extensive in order to deliver traction in the sand and snow that is strong. This also assists with the performance the tire has on wet pavement
  • The shoulder design that is used on this tire is one that is exclusive to this tire. The tread blocks wrap around to extend out into the side wall which gives it a bolder look as well as offering protection to the side wall from any type of damage that can occur on the trails
  • The nylon overlay is seamless and this ensures the structural integrity as well as the uniformity even at high speeds or while you are off road


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July 5, 2015

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