Pro Comp Tires 26/9.00R14, Xtreme Trax

If you are the proud owner of a UTV, light truck or any other type of vehicle that you are constantly subjecting to driving rough then the Xtreme Trax tire by Pro Comp might be something that you want to check into.  When it comes to driving on all types of terrain, safety is a critical issue that must be given some thought.  For this reason, Pro Comp ensured that this tire – and in fact all of their tires – has been given a number of perilous tests in order to guarantee that you get the best in terms of protection and performance.

This tire was designed specifically for the high performance UTVs that are so popular today.  The advantage of this tire is the fact that it has a directional tread pattern that has been optimized in order to deliver control and traction that is superior along with a quiet and smooth ride regardless of the terrain.  This tire has also been given shoulder lugs that are quite aggressive and these shoulder lugs enhance the traction off road while also providing protection for the rim and side wall.

For years now Pro Comp has been a leader in the industry when it comes to tires for light trucks and the off road.  They test each of their tires extensively and are devoted to developing the best performing tires for the off road trails.  Pro Comp has a reputation that is bullet proof when it comes to tires for the street, track and trail.  These new UTV tires have a construction that is advanced and an aggressive design to the tread that will deliver the ultimate in terms of control and traction.

Features at a Glance

  • Pro Comp makes the Xtreme Trax tires with pride right here in the USA
  • Pro Comp backs this and all of their tires with a warranty that is quite comprehensive
  • This tire gives you a style that is aggressive combined with maximum performance
  • The construction of this tire consists of a whopping 6 plies! This means that you truly get the maximum resistance to cuts, bruises and punctures!
  • The advanced tread pattern is direction and assists in providing traction and control that is superior
  • The rubber compound used in these tires is one that is high tech. It gives you a longer life for the tread along with a ride that is controlled and smooth
  • The side walls are aggressively designed and so are the shoulder lugs. Both of these elements work to give you that extra bite that you need as well as additional protection to the side walls
  • The shoulder lugs also provide protection for your rims

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July 4, 2015

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