BF Goodrich Tires LT315/70R17, All Terrain T/A KO

The All Terrain T/A KO that is made by BF Goodrich has the “KO” anachronism in the name that stands for Key benefits for both Off and On the road.  This is a light truck tire that was developed to meet the needs of SUV and pickup truck drivers who want the control and the confidence regardless of the terrain.  This is a tire that was designed to give you traction wherever you are that is combined with great wear and a durability that is fabulous.

This tire features a high void tread pattern that has been computer optimized and is quite aggressive.  The tread blocks are interlocking and the innovative siping gives you the handling and traction while not generating too much noise.  The BF Goodrich exclusive ShoulderLock technology that is used in this tire means that there are traction bars in the upper part of the side wall that can maximize the performance of the tire in aired down applications by providing you with the clawing action that is needed to have steering control and traction in sand or dirt that is deep.  The internal structure of the tire consists of a pair of steel belts that have been put on top of the BF Goodrich exclusive TriGard construction so that you get the ultimate when it comes to durability and strength.  This construction consists of 3 plies of polyester cord.  Single strand beads enhance the fit of the tire to the wheel in order to improve the ride quality and uniformity while there are rim protectors that have been molded into the lower part of the sidewall in order to protect the wheels from hazards when you are off road.  This is especially useful in situations when the tire has been aired down.

The All Terrain T/A KO tire is the tire that invented the category for all – terrain tires.  The aggressive design of the tread gives you nimble handling and driving confidence while you are on the trails and keeps it quiet when you are on the highway.  It has been built to last and has style with the black side walls and raised lettering in white.

Features at a Glance

  • BF Goodrich makes their All Terrain T/A KO tires with pride right here in the USA
  • These tires come to you complete with a comprehensive warranty for the tread
  • The all-terrain high void tread is aggressive and will give you traction that is excellent both off and on roads that is complete with stone retention that is decreased
  • The tread is made from a dual compound that gives the tire an excellent resistance to cuts, bruises and punctures underneath the tread as well as in the side wall

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July 3, 2015

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